Bryce Dallas is an artist based in Dallas, TX. The first time I saw Bryce he was switch carving the deep end of a backyard pool on a flat fat pig of a skateboard. You can find his artwork on numerous amazing posters and t-shirts as well as bodies everywhere. If you want him to poke you, find him at Death or Glory Tattoo.

Bryce chose the COKER shape on which to do his work and showed absolutely no respect for my fine penmanship on the top sheet. This thing is great (the knuckles read 'SOME HAND'). Acrylic, oil, & watercolor on deep green bottom sheet, ditto on the top sheet with custom STUDIO brand. 7-ply North American maple, pressed in these United States. 


HANDSOME's Studio Series collaborative decks feature art from talented friends. The artwork on each is one-of-a-kind, done the old fashioned way, on a hand-shaped HANDSOME deck with a unique logo and detailing.  

Each Studio Series deck ships with a museum quality hanging bracket to make it look pretty on your wall, but we encourage you to skate it even though it may not be the best financial decision. 



Custom deck for a local.  Surf style carve grinds in its future. Yellow-orange-red stripe dye with natural grain chevrons. Acrylic detailing.  Neon script logo with white and gold line work.  Wheel wells, square top edge, beveled bottom edge, snub nose.

10.125 wide
6.75 tail
15 wb (old school hole pattern)



:: as of late ::

TANK : standard 001
new shape, available in the S . T . O . R . E > > > >

NOTCH : standard 001
new shape, available in the S . T . O . R . E > > > >

TANK : custom

TANK : modified


|| METAL : number series 012 ||

METAL : 012

Multi-color acrylic and ink over yellow-orange fade spotted wood dye/natural bottom sheet.  Acrylic and ink wavy gravy drip logo. Branded with twelve notches.

10" wide (9 over trucks)
31.8" long
15.5" wheelbase
6.75 tail

Available for purchase, IN THE STORE >>>>>>>>>>
**until I set it up and ride it my own self


:: TOOTHY : 011 ::

TOOTHY : number series 011

30" long
14.5" wheelbase
8.5" wide (8" at trucks)
6" tail

In the S>T>O>R>E>>>>>>>>>>>>>


!! RIPPER : standard !!

Made this one for myself.  That said, I don't really need more skateboards so shout if you want it. Quickly.  Acrylic and ink over ebonized/natural bottom sheet. Acrylic and ink circles logo over green-yellow center stripe fade with acrylic splatter.

9.6 (9 over trucks)
15.5 wheelbase
32.75 long