. C O M P L E T E S .


1|  Choose the deck you want in the store >>>>,
2|  Select the "MAKE IT A COMPLETE" option
3|  We build you a custom ride.

Completes include:

+ Independent Trucks
+ Powell Peralta 60mm, 85a White Wheels
             classic shape, great for everything from rough streets to the park

+ precision skate bearings
             cleanable, easy to maintain

+ risers and hardware

+ custom grip
(If you want to keep it simple, just comment at checkout)

Your finely crafted one-of-a-kind complete will be built, gripped, carefully packaged, and sent to your door ready to ride.  All you have to do is unwrap it and hit the streets.


Handsome : Standards

Introducing Handsome : Standards decks.  Standards offer a hand shaped one-of-a-kind skateboard with signature beveled edges, hand finished with bevel stripes and logo, for not much more than a mass produced pro model deck. Available in all of the 7 shapes currently in the Handsome lineup (see column on right for shapes and dimensions).

Handsome quality, one-of-a-kind decks at a skateable price.  Examples below.

Each Standard comes with a complimentary sheet of grip tape.

Check the store to see what designs are in stock.  I try to keep some of each shape available at all times.  If you don't see one you love, custom color requests are welcomed for a few extra bucks.  Hand shaping takes time, but the results are worth it.

Order through the store.  Store link >>>>>>>>>>>>
Standards : $68



a new shape joins the handsome family.  beefy, but modern with a broad kick nose and tail.  angular on the business ends, curves in the middle.  great for pipe and pool or mount up some soft cruiser wheels and blast around town.

8.75 wide
31.25 long
15 wheelbase
5.5 nose
6.625 tail


line up

L to R: angle mini, toothy mini, metal mini, dagger, bottle nose

multiples of each in the works. art to come.


seattle sessions

Great skating in Seattle this past week.  The NW has excellent concrete for blasting around and feeling the rumble of the tiles.  These are a couple of images of the Woodland Park skatepark, a favorite.  Unfortunately, Dallas is a concrete desert.  That needs to change.


field testing

Set up a bottle nose for an afternoon session.  All was quiet at the park...school must be back in session.


fine maple

Making scraps, beveling edges. 3 cruiser/mini shape editions in production.  I've been working to get the proportions and details just right.  posting up the new stuff soon.


angle Lg.

foggy geometry on an Lg version of the angle cruiser.  slap on some Indy 149s with grippy wheels and you've got a perfect all-terrain tool. would be great in the pool at your nearest concrete park or neighbor's backyard or just take it to the streets. acrylic on 7-ply maple pressed in the USA.

31" long
8.625" wide
14.5" wheelbase
6" nose
6.5" tail



craggy silhouette on deep black/red grain.  classically inspired shape, slimmed down with hips and fine detailing. wood dye and acrylic on 7 ply maple.

31" long
8.5" wide
15.25" wheelbase
5.75" nose
6.25" tail

toothy Lg.

CMY astro plaid on slasher goodness. i'm riding the cruiser version of this shape and its a blast. this one will take you anywhere.  acrylic on 7 ply maple.

31.125" long
8.625" wide
14.5" wheelbase
6" nose
6.5" tail

fat point

thick cruiser with kick nose and tail to pop up and over whatever gets in your way.  punk point for emphasis. wood dye, acrylic, graphite on 7 ply maple.

31.625" long
8.625" wide
14.5" wheelbase
7" nose
6.5" tail


metal point

wood dye and acrylic on slimmed down zorlac inspired shape.  kick nose that hurts. starburst grip.

31.125" long
8.625" wide
14.5" wheelbase
6" nose
6.5" tail

in progress

CMY 100%


jeff phillips tribute

A tribute to the iconic Jeff Phillips graphic from Sims.  Acrylic and wood dye on hand shaped 7-ply maple with custom cut grip.  Old school inspired shape updated with modern concave and a slimmer profile. 31" long, 8.5" wide, 15.25" wheelbase.

This deck is being donated to the silent auction at the 2nd Annual Boneless One: A Tribute to Jeff Phillips vert jam and party @ Overground Project in Dallas. The auction will be during the pre-party art show on Friday May 18th called Revert2. 100% of the proceeds from the deck go to Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas.  The first Boneless One was great, so I can't wait for this one.

angle cruiser

sweet little cruiser with edges. hit the streets.

30.5" long
8" wide
14.5" wheelbase
6" nose
6.375" tail

toothy cruiser


new shapes

point nose bomb

compact cruiser with a little spin art.  wood dye and acrylic on maple.

30.625" long
8" wide
14" wheelbase
6.25" nose
6.75" tail

checkered point

punk point shredder that would be at home cruising the street or in the bowl. acrylic and wood dye on 7-ply maple pressed in these United States.

31.375" long
8.625" wide
14.75" wheelbase
6.5" nose
6.625" tail

bottle nose Lg.

Trapper Keepers were cool: trippy geometry, clouds, hearts, unicorns, race cars. lots of floating, zig zags, and color.  the bottle nose is an upsized cruiser shape with a solid kick nose and tail for skating anywhere. love how the dye color came out on this one. wood dye and acrylic on 7-ply maple.

31.25" long
8.5" wide
14.75" wheelbase
6.125" nose
6.5" tail