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Along with being an artist & designer Jim Bauer is the Creative Director at Odyssey BMX.  He is a never-ending source of ideas, energy, innovation, and new shoes.  If Jim is involved it is done right, fresh, colorful, and often with a touch of crazy.  The only mistake I've seen him make was wearing shoes made from tennis ball skins, but it was the mid-90's and he was 18 so cut him some slack. You can find him on Instagram @nameisbauer or commuting in his beautifully customized (in his tiny garage) mint green 1982 Porsche 911.

For his collaboration with HANDSOME, Jim got sexy 1970 on our Bottle Nose shape.  Tie dye stain and black flocked stripe bottom sheet.  Acrylic logo and custom 'Sugar Town' brand over deep red-purple top sheet.  7-ply North American maple, pressed in the USA.

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The Studio Series decks feature artwork from talented friends.  All art is one-of-a-kind on a hand shaped HANDSOME deck with a unique logo and detailing.  Each Studio Series deck ships with a museum quality hanging bracket to make it look pretty on your wall, but we encourage you to skate it even though it may not be the best financial decision.  And in this case you may hang up on your boardslides since flocking isn't the best lubricant.


// STOUT : number series //

STOUT : 005

Acrylic and ink over ebonized/natural bottom sheet with fluted edge. Quilted fashion logo with branded number over green top sheet.

Number series decks take a little more time, have a little more going on, and cost a little more.  As the name would indicate, they are individually numbered.  Everything is done by hand, one at a time, to make a unique deck.  Find it in the store>>>>>