// RIPPER : number series 009 //

The RIPPER is for the burly among us. The shape was developed with Texas pool shark Ronny Ripper who was looking for a 'street' board. Ankle killer in the front with a squared, but mildly tapered tail. Meant to ride, anywhere.

10.5" wide (10" over trucks) 
32.875" long
15.5" wheelbase
6.75" tail
6.375" nose

Easter argyle. Acrylic & ink over yellow-gold fade dye with natural diamond check bottom sheet. Acrylic & ink wonky logo over blue/purple split dye top sheet. Branded 009
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// DEKE : standard //

DEKE : standard. Custom shape requested by and named after a local. As close to a popsicle as HANDSOME is likely to get.

Squared nose with a subtle diamond tip. 32.5 long, 8.875 wide (8.625 at trucks), 15 wb. Green fade stripe with gold ink over deep blue/natural bottom sheet. Boxy logo on bright red top sheet.