// METAL Lg : standard //

Purple splatter fade acrylic, gold ink & graphite over blood to yellow dye bottom sheet. Heavy metal high school logo over bright green top sheet.
The Metal Lg is slashery goodness. No cookie cutter shape, it takes inspiration from the Zorlac decks of the 80's. Modern concave with a nose that will keep you light on your feet.  It will take you everywhere.

9" wide (8.125 over trucks)
31.125" long
15" wheelbase

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Kevin Christy is talented.  On top of being a sickeningly prolific artist he has acting and comedy chops.  Frankly, I don't know how it is possible to do all these things well.  He does. Kevin's art is immediate, detailed, surreal, and sometimes raw.  You may have seen his work in many fine galleries or in publications like VICE, The New York Times, & The Atlantic. Enjoy lots of tantalizing details of his artwork on Instagram (@kevingchristy) and insight into his mind on Twitter (@kevingchristy). I'm excited he agreed to collaborate on a deck with HANDSOME.

Kevin chose the TOOTHY shape on which to work.  The result speaks for itself.  Acrylic and ink on natural bottom sheet.  Acrylic and ink circles logo with custom 'STUDIO' brand on striated blue-green top sheet.  7 ply North American maple, pressed in these United States.

You won't find a better deal on something this great. Pick it up in the s t o r e  > > > > > > > > >


The Studio Series decks feature artwork from talented friends.  All art is one-of-a-kind on a hand shaped HANDSOME deck with a unique logo and detailing.  Each Studio Series deck ships with a museum quality hanging bracket to make it look pretty on your wall, but we encourage you to skate it even though it may not be the best financial decision.


:: FATPOINT 008 ::

FATPOINT : number series 008. Ink and acrylic over yellow dye bottom sheet. fancy logo with '008' branded into red top sheet. Nothing wrong with a little purple, pink, and metallics once in a while. Headed to SF.


: a little PUNK :

PUNK. 8.75 wide (8.5 over trucks), 15 wheelbase, 32 & a touch long. Natural/lavender dye bottom sheet with gold ink and multi-color acrylic. Block and soft circle logo.

Think I'm riding this one.