// BOXER : number series 010 //

Neo-eighties antique. Acrylic & ink circle theme over amber dye bottom sheet. Acrylic, ink, & graphite circle splatter logo over cool green top sheet. Branded 0 1 0 in logo.
The Boxer is for those that like it a little thicker and squarer. Great in the pool, park, pipe, or cruising the streets. Snub nose with a diamond point and a square, but not too square, tail.

9.675"" wide (9.125" over trucks)
32.75" long
15.5" wheelbase
6.75" tail
6.375" nose

Each HANDSOME : number series deck is unique.  Hand shaped with beveled edges like all HANDSOME decks, but with more extensive art and coloring on the bottom sheet and detailing in the top sheet logo.  Truly one-off artwork and not to be repeated.  Number is branded into surface.

Available in the  -S_T_O_R_E- , on sale, at the oversized standard price ($72) because this one needs to be ridden. It is the shape I ride the most, if that has any influence (it shouldn't, I'm mediocre).


// DEKE sq : standard s002//

Acrylic & ink chevron with optical line squeeze over yellow dye/natural bottom sheet. Bright red top sheet with acrylic & ink deco logo.

The DEKE is a HANDSOME take on the standard popsicle shape.  Available in square (sq) or  round tail. Boxy nose with subtle diamond tip and ready for pretty much anything.  If you like a wider ride, still have flips in your bag of tricks, and want a distinctive shape, then this is the deck for you.

9" wide (8.75 over trucks)
32.5" long
15" wheelbase
6.5" tail
6.75" nose

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STOUT. 9.5" (9 over trucks). Headed to a good friend in NH just in time for the snow.

Acrylic & ink over splotchy blue dye/natural bottom sheet. Chartreuse top sheet with stretched logo.