Devin Clark is an artist, illustrator, animator, and filmmaker who never ceases to amaze with the breadth of bizarre that pours out of his head.  If you've seen the animated series UGLY AMERICANS on Comedy Central you'll understand, because it grew from Devin's brain.  He is the Creator, Executive Producer, and Director of the show (along with occasional voice actor because he didn't have enough credits in the scroll already). He once threatened to feed my children to an alligator if I didn't save him from his own imagination.

For his collaboration with HANDSOME, Devin worked on our Bottle Nose shape and got right to the source of temptation.  Acrylic over deep green dyed bottom sheet, signed by the artist. Ink and acrylic logo, custom 'Sugar Town' brand, and nose detailing over bright orange top sheet.  7-ply North American maple, pressed in the USA.

The Studio Series of decks feature artwork from talented friends.  All art is one-of-a-kind on a hand shaped HANDSOME deck with a unique logo and detailing.  Each Studio Series deck ships with a museum quality hanging bracket to make it look pretty on your wall, but we encourage you to skate it even though it may not be the best financial decision.



I'm excited to release HANDSOME's first in a series of collaborative decks featuring art from some talented friends. The artwork on each is one-of-a-kind, done the old fashioned way, on a hand-shaped HANDSOME deck with a unique logo.  Artist decks ship with a museum quality deck display bracket though we'd love it if you set it aside and put the deck into service.

Tom Forget is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY and my brother 'till death.  Tom skated poorly until all of his friends got driver's licenses. Now he likes to draw the types of things that the skaters in his Rhode Island neighborhood would have had on their metal t-shirts in 1988. His illustrations, design, writings, and reviews have been found in places like BUST Magazine, Esquire.com, Movies.com, Sunday Bikes, and FEEDING GROUND (Archaia Comics).

Tom chose, aptly, our METAL shape on which to do his work. Acrylic and ink over amber dyed bottom sheet.  Ink and acrylic logo and detailing on black top sheet. 7-ply North American Maple, pressed in the USA, as always. Find it in the STORE >>>>